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Gautam Adani, the founder and owner of Adani Group, has taken on the title of being the richest person in Asia. Because he has followed Reliance Industries owner Mukesh Ambani. This increase in Gautam Adani net worth is believed to be due to the tremendous rise in the stock of Adani Group in the last few days. Let us tell you that in the list of the world’s billionaires given by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Gautam Adani has come in 12th on the list of the world’s richest people, leaving behind Mukesh Ambani.

Gautam Adani Net Worth

Recently, it has been revealed in the recent Billionaire Index that there has been a huge jump in the network of Gautam Adani; earlier, it was 91.6 billion dollars, which has increased by 7.6 billion dollars to reach 97.6 billion dollars. In the same sequence, if we talk about Mukesh Ambani’s net worth, it is approximately 97 billion dollars.

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In this way, we can say that Gautam Adani’s Net Worth is ahead of Mukesh Ambani’s total wealth. Gautam Adani, who was ranked 14th in the list of the world’s richest people on Thursday, has now reached 12th position, overtaking Mukesh Ambani.

Mukesh Ambani vs Gautam Adani Overview

Topic Gautam Adani Net Worth
Gautam Adani Net Worth 97.6 billion dollar
Mukesh Ambani net worth 97 billion dollar
Year 2024
Total increase ment in Gautam adani net worth on monday 33,900 crore rupee
Gautam Adani Net Worth in Hindi 8.12 lakh crore Rs


Gautam Adani Net Worth
Gautam Adani Net Worth


Gautam Adani Net Worth in Rupees

Just now, you got the information that Gautam Adani has become the richest person in India and Asia by surpassing Mukesh Ambani. Let us provide you with open information about Gautam Adani’s net worth today.

Gautam Adani’s net worth has increased by approximately Rs 1.08 lakh crore to approximately Rs 8.12 lakh crore, whereas if we tell you about Gautam Adani’s net worth in rupees, then it has increased by approximately Rs 5000 crore to Rs 8.07 lakh crore.

Gautam Adani Net Worth Ranking

Let us make it clear to you that the main company of Gautam Adani’s group is known as Adani Enterprises. The Adani Group of Ahmedabad, which works under the leadership of Gautam Adani, plays a major role in the infrastructure center.

Under the Gautam Adani Net Worth Ranking, the year 2024 has been very wonderful for Gautam Adani. We are saying this because there has been a huge jump in Gautam Adani’s net worth this year, and it is believed that any person in the world has this as the biggest increase in wealth on the list of billionaires.

Gautam Adani Net Worth Today in Billion

It is being said that Adani has earned Rs 33,000 crore in just 24 hours; hence, he is only a few steps behind Mukesh Ambani in terms of wealth. On the one hand, there has been a huge increase in the wealth of Gautam Adani, while on the other hand, it is being said that the world’s richest person, Elon Musk, has gotten a big blow.

According to Gautam Adani’s Net Worth Today in Billion, Musk’s net worth has decreased by 7.13 billion dollars. As a result, after a huge decline in Musk’s wealth, it has come down to $220 billion.

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